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About Gazelle Legal Consultancy 

Gazelle Legal Consultancy was founded in the UK in May 2021 by Mehmet Yılmazer, who is a qualified lawyer in Turkey with extensive experience and knowledge gained in Turkish Law for +20 years and specialize in providing legal services, particularly in energy, competition, construction, real estate, personal data protection, IT, business immigration, human rights and dispute resolution laws in in the fields of Turkish Law which we are very much competent. 


Global Partners

Unique Consulting Experience

Variety of Services

Gazelle provides legal consultancy services with it's strategic partners in the UK, the US, Germany, Malta, Pakistan, UAE, KSA as well as in Türkiye.

Our team provides flexible and unique consulting experience approaching situations with innovative solutions. We create contracts and proposals tailored just for you. After we sign our contracts, we make sure to provide support throughout your adventure.

Gazelle Legal Consultancy is providing variety of services in wide range of areas; Energy, Competition, Construction, Real estate, Personal Data Protection, IT, Business Immigration, Human Rights and Dispute Resolution Laws in in the fields of Turkish Law which we are very much competent.

20+ Years of Experience

Our team is made up of some of the most talented professionals in the industry who are dedicated to delivering sound legal advice and support to our clients. We have a deep understanding of wide range of Law matters with an experience of 20+ years and an unparalleled ability to apply it to our clients' unique situations. Whether our clients need assistance with general legal matters or have complex legal issues, we are here to provide them with the highest level of support possible.

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